Make Money as a reseller of our business with our new Affiliate program

Make Money as a reseller of our business with our new Affiliate program

We’ve got some very exciting news today as we expand our business and after talking to the egg heads here in our number crunching department, whose desks actually look like this.

We have now officially launched our own affiliate program and this means that you can now make money by just referring our plans to friends, family and your network in general. We also offer an incredibly competitive commission that is recurring. So you can make ongoing money to add to your monthly cashflow

Our commission? 30% Recurring! Sign up here, or read on for more details.

How it works

You Sign Up here and then you will be given a unique link that you can share to our website and plans. If someone click that link and then purchases any subscription plan on our website you will get a 30% cut of the sale. Then every time that same customer pays again, you get the 30% again.

A Quick Look at What You Can Earn

If you send someone to our base €49 plan, you’ll earn a €15 commission every month that they are on the plan. If you sign up 10 people, that’s an extra €150 in your pocket every month for as long as the clients stay with us. That’s our cheapest plan, so it’s only up from there!

Sell a yearly plan, get €150 for the same base plan every year. We’ve already signed up a few affiliates to start and they’ve told us it’s an easy sell because we’ve also just started adding a free website build, including domain name, to every singly plan we sell!