Websites are now the equivalent of a mobile phone for business

Websites are now the equivalent of a mobile phone for business

When it comes to your business, you pay a monthly fee to keep your mobile phone running without interruption, which in turns let you gain leads and allows customers a way to contact you at any time. It gives clients confidence that they have a way to reach you at anytime, your website on the other hand not only gives this impression, it also is a professional first impression for your business.

It wasn’t so many years ago that a website was a large investment for a company, now however even the best websites (which we build of course) can now be rented on a monthly plan just like your mobile phone bill.

This leads us on to a major change that we are making to all of our plans. All plans now include a website, even our base €49 a month plan.

How it works?

It’s really simple, if you sign up for any of our plans an account manager will contact you and then within 7 days, we’ll have your shiny new website online, domain and hosting included. If you pay for the annual plan you can take the site and leave whenever, if you pay monthly, the website is yours after 12 months of payments.

Much like when you get a Sky TV contract, if you see out the 12 months, you get to keep the box

This way you can get your website online within a week, including being able to sell online, we’ll do the SEO, add the content, setup the products and even create a logo for you.

Cost Effective

Now you’re probably in one of two camps when it comes to your website, you’ve either currently not got a website or you do, either way our plans will save you not only money but time and to bring you through this I’m going to give you two scenarios and give you the time and money savings.

You have a website

Let’s say you already have a website with Shopify, they’re great and you’re probably pretty happy with the current €29 a month cost, but how much is your time worth? If you say your time is worth €10 per hour (minimum wage, let’s hope you value your time higher than that), then you will be able to save money by moving your website to us if you spend more than 2 hours a month dealing with your website in any way, the savings only go up with every hour thereafter.

Time is money. You know this!

You have no website

So in this case you could go down the route above with Shopify or Squarespace, build it yourself at which point our time point will 100% kick in and also without website development experience, no offence, but you won’t get the professionalism that we can offer.

The other option is to go with another website developer. The cheapest that you can get a reasonable quality website for is €300, €199 less than you’ll spend on our yearly €40 a month plan.

Sounds great right?

Well now include the hosting you’ll need to pay for, normally an extra €100 per year at a minimum? Then you want some changes done and you need the site to stay fast, secure and updated, that’ll cost you another €200 minimum to do a year.

I think you get the point!

Bottom Line

You should treat your website like your mobile phone, pay a small set monthly fee and if there is any issues, the network need to deal with repairing the phone and ensuring connection. In this case, with your website, we are the network.